Nuview Farms
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About Us

Nuview Farms of Thorndale, ON began in 1960 when the Johnson family farm was annexed by the city of London. Owned by the late Gordon Johnson, it has always been the home of purebred, registered Holsteins. In 1968, Gordon's son Gerald, became part of the operation. The original herd was split with Gordon moving to a second farm. In 1977 Gordon retired and Gerald's older brother, Ronald became his partner. The two herds were joined and a new dairy set-up was established on the original farm. Nuview Farms is now a 60-head herd of milking cows with a land base of 400 acres. Type and production have always been a priority in the breeding program. Few animals have been bought over the years and it remains a predominately homebred herd.

Both Ron and Gerald are married and have three children. Ron & Mary have three children: Scott, Barry, and Gordie. Gerald and Jean’s three children are: David, Jennifer, and Kathryn. All six children were active at Nuview Farms while growing up.

In 1989, David bought his first Haflinger mare. Today, Nuview Farms is also home to over a dozen purebred, registered Haflingers, many being descendants of his first mare.

In 1996, upon graduation from the University of Guelph, Gerald's son David became the third generation at Nuview Farms.

Most recently in 2009, the Nuview Farms partnership between Ronald and Gerald has dissolved and the newly established incorporation has been developed and finalized involving Gerald and David.

Nuview Farms

The Johnson Family
Thorndale, Ontario, Canada